Happy Chinese New Year!

In this unit, the students are inquiring into Chinese New Year celebrations and Legends.  The inquiries they are talking about are like, “Why do Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year? How do they celebrate it? Why are there 12 zodiacs? If I am the king, what zodiacs will I choose and how will I decide their order? What is the lunar calendar?”

During the learning process, students are exploring some Chinese legends, mainly related to “Nian, the 12 zodiac stories”. They are enjoying the many different activities, like making Hong Bao, lanterns, little dragons, paper cutting and calligraphy. They obtain language skills, gain knowledge about Chinese culture and reflect upon their learning.

At the same time, students are preparing for their Chinese New Year assembly.

Early Years and Kindergarten are practicing the song “Gongxi Gongxi.”  They are going to perform the song with their teachers and some Secondary School students on the stage.

Grade 1 students are planning a Chinese traditional lantern dance. Grades 2 and 3 are combining to perform the song “Sun is after the rain.”

Elementary School Chinese Language  Elementary School Chinese Language

Grades 4 & 5 students are excited to perform a play called “Chinese 12 animal zodiac”. They learned the background, vocabulary and expressions based on it. They also looked into the different personalities represented by animals and compared and discussed with each other how these may be reflected on us. To prepare for the play, a strong effort was made to memorize their lines and perform their roles.

Students have displayed commitment by learning their lines and songs and they have been cooperative as a whole group.

Parents are welcome to join our Chinese New Year assembly, which will happen on 11th February. We look forward to sharing the program with you and hope everyone enjoys our presentation.

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