Grade 2 Physical Education Grade 2 Physical Education

The Grade 2 students have recently completed a unit on health related fitness. They tested various elements of their fitness, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance at the start and at the end of the unit. A majority of the students managed to improve their endurance running and it gave them the opportunity of using the track.

The Kindergarten to Grade 2 students have been engaging in a unit of invasion games. They have identified that an invasion game is when one team is trying to attack another teams area to score, whilst the opposing team tries to stop them. They made the connection that basketball, football (soccer) and hockey are all examples of invasion games.

The students have played a modified version of basketball called ‘mat ball’ and they are curently engaged in playing hockey. They have been inquiring into how to pass and receive the ball safely using the hockey stick. Sometimes this has resulted in some sore shins and fingers, but students have been caring if accidents have happened. The key to using the hockey stick is using two hands to control it.

In Early Years 2 the students have been learning some low organisational (warm up) games. These have been ‘doctor tag’ and ‘stuck in the mud’. In these games students have to use their speed and agility to evade the ‘catchers’, play within the rules and participate to the best of their ability. In swimming the students have gained a lot of water confidence and many are experiencing some more ‘formal’ technique work combined with equipment based water confidence activities.

Simon Millward,
Elementary Physical Education Teacher

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