IGBIS Chinese New Year Assembly

Upcoming Events:

16th – 20th February School Holiday
19th – 20th February Public Holiday – Chinese New Year Office Closed
23rd February First Day of School after Holiday
24th February Coffee Morning – Grade 9 Parents, 8.00am, Lobby Cafe
25th February
  • Parent Teacher Conferences, 2.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Senior Drama Production, 3.00pm and 6.30pm
26th February Coffee Morning – Grade 10 Parents, 8.00am, Lobby Cafe
27th February Coffee Morning – Grade 11 Parents, 8.00am, Parent Meeting Room

Message from Head of School

Dear IGBIS Parents and Community Members,

Mrs. Anne Fowles, Head of School, IGBISAll of our parents should have received their children’s reports – these were distributed electronically on Wednesday afternoon. If you require a signed copy, please bring a printed copy to school for us to have signed for you.

Last week we held another evacuation drill. This went very smoothly and children should now know the procedures. An sms was sent to parents to inform them that the drill was commencing and again afterwards to say it was completed successfully. Please check that you received the sms and inform admissions of any change of your phone number. If there is a real emergency in the school, we will contact you by sms.

I would like to congratulate our Grade 11 student, Tsiu Khoon Lim, who has been selected for the Malaysian Swim Team. The Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM) will be sending the Malaysian swim team to Sydney, to participate in the NSW Open over 27th February to 1st March. We wish Tsiu Khoon the very best in the competition.

Our Chinese New Year assembly on 11th February was a wonderful celebration of the upcoming festival. The students’ command of Chinese was superb (one visitor asked if most of the students were mainland Chinese!) and their performances were excellent. Congratulations to all of the staff and students who were involved in the assembly.

I hope that you all enjoy some quality family time over the break next week. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xing nian kuai le!

News from Secondary School

Mr. Lennox Meldrum, Secondary School PrincipalOur students have been in the spotlight this week, putting on a display of their many talents. The Chinese New Year assembly highlighted their language abilities, performance prowess, and organisational skills, weaving a story of how our community celebrates Chinese New Year. With a nearly full theatre, it was another wonderful way to bring our community together. Congratulations to all of the students who presented on stage, especially our four Grade 11 hosts. And a huge thank you to the teachers and support staff who helped organise and guide the assembly. Well done everyone!

The other spotlight was through the semester one achievement reports that were issued on Wednesday through ManageBac. We hope that they were able to provide a clear indication of your child’s strengths, ways that they can continue to improve in semester two, and how an IB education provides a high level of academic rigour as well as a focus on important approaches to learning skills. Our experienced teachers and coordinators are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress further at our Parent-Student- Teacher Conferences on 25th February from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. You can book a time with our teachers through the link on the front page of the report. Also on that afternoon are a series of additional sessions covering MYP, DP, technology, and two performances of a production that our Secondary School students have been rehearsing over the past few months. Further details can be found on the conferences booking page.

Update from Academic and Support Services

School Vans and Pick Up Times

As you all know, the starting times for the Secondary School is now at 7.50am with the first bell sounding at 7.45am. There has been a very slight adjustment to the van pick up times to reflect this change so that students travelling from around KL reach school in time.

Recently, both the drivers and the academic staff at school have noticed that some students are arriving after 8am. After some investigating and speaking with some of the students, it appears that the drivers sometimes have to wait 15 minutes for some students to meet the vans.

It only takes one person to be late and this can throw the whole timing out, particularly in an area like Mont Kiara, where morning traffic can be very heavy. Whilst this is a paid service, the students still have a responsibility to be at their pick up points at the appropriate time and like any transport service, trains, buses and planes, we always try to be there sooner rather than later in case we miss them.

We all understand that sometimes things can happen in the morning that can cause lateness and this is why it is important to keep in contact with the drivers and the company to inform them of any delays. If there is no communication with the drivers, we have instructed them not to wait for more than a few minutes at the most, so that the other students arrive to school on time.

Please check your pick-up schedules with your drivers and make sure you are where you should be, preferably 5 mins before the scheduled time. After the school break next week and when the service resumes on Monday, 23rd February 2015, as I said, the drivers will not be waiting if you have not contacted them to inform them that you will be late.

Cleanliness of Car Park

Mr. Peter Syme, Director of Academic and Support ServicesThere has been a steady increase in the amount of rubbish at the car pick and pick up zone. Whilst our cleaners do monitor the pick up zone, the rubbish is appearing away from this area as people walk to and from cars as well some of the drivers employed by families who are also smoking on site and leaving their cigarette butts around. If drivers are used by families to collect children in the afternoon, can you please remind them that IGBIS is a no smoking property. The security and facilities team will be monitoring this very closely and drivers will be asked to leave the school if they smoke on the school grounds.

Parent Cafe

Recently, parents have been involved in various grade level morning teas, which have proven to be very successful. One of the common threads has been enquiries about when the Parent Café will open. Whilst the sourcing of companies is on-going, we would like to introduce a simplified version of the Parent Café after Chinese New Year. The café located on Level 5 outside the lifts and the theatre foyer area will be open for parents on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.45am to 9.00am and on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

There will be tea and coffee available as well as sweet and savoury selections from our current catering team. We will be charging a flat rate of RM5.00 for parents who would like to take the opportunity to meet up, share and generally socialise with other parents in the school. This will run as an honesty system and your RM5.00 will be placed in a jar or tin on the counter.

The area outside the cafe will also be used once our delivery of sofas arrive. The afternoons particularly provide a very nice breeze in this area. As I said it is a very simple vesion at the moment, but we hope it will not be too much longer before we can fit out the café and open the café on a much grander scale.

Five Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age

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Geoff Derry
Technology Integrator

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