IB Learner Profile

At IGBIS not only are we interested in helping our students to succeed academically but one of the great elements of IB programmes is the Learner Profile. These are the traits that we want our students to be demonstrating in their lives in and outside of school to help to make the world a more peaceful and better place. This is part 2 and five more traits will follow.

Inquirer: At IGBIS we actively encourage students to generate questions and either embark on a journey of finding out by themselves, with classmates or with you as parents. For example the Grade 2 students have a question box- student wondering that they can add to. These are then pulled out and inquired into, with the process being visually documented.

Thinkers: Following on from inquring, we want our students to be thinkers. Not just accepting what they hear or read, but questioning and generating their own wonderings as well. Taking a single subject example, in PE not only are skills taught and assessed, so too is the knowledge and understanding that they have gained from a unit. For example during our recent invasion games unit in Grade 1 & 2, students have been encouraged to plan (think of) ideas (tactics) for their team to use in the game.

Knowledgeable: Obviously we want our students to be gaining knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Asking questions to find the right kind of information and using that  knowledge is an important aspect of our curriculum.

Reflective: Students are encouraged all the time to think about what they have done and consider how they might have done something differently or will do something differently next time. Everyone makes mistakes, however learning from them and seeing these as part of the learning process is extremely valuable. As teachers this is something that we model as we are always looking to make things better.

Risk taker: Often this is a trait that is misunderstood. Risk taking is to be undertaken safely and responsibly. Whilst it may involve undertaking an ‘adventure’ type of activity like climbing or gymnastics, it is not reckless. Risk taking is having the courage to try something different. This may be standing up and addressing a large gathering of people, creating and performing a dance or for an Early Years student taking their feet off the floor of the pool is being a risk taker. These all take courage and risk taking changes from person to person.

As a community we work in partnership with you. As IB educators we try and live and model the Learner Profile in and out of school. We hope you can help us by doing the same, not only at home but at work too.

Simon Millward,
IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator

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