Schools, teachers and parents focus on reading A LOT. But why? Why is reading so important? Here are the top ten reasons I can think of to encourage all of us to read often and read more.

• The more you read, the better at it you become, the more you enjoy it.

• Reading helps your brain to make new connections and work in different ways.

• Concentration is improved when you are focussed and sitting quietly- as you are when you are reading!

• We learn more about the world around us.

• Vocabulary improves as does grammar – models of sentence structure can be learned through reading.

• Imagination develops.

• Reading helps us to see perspectives other than our own.

• Being an able reader helps with learning in general, not just in school

• Being calm and relaxed is a part of the reading experience.

• Reading is fun!

Amanda Clark,
Teacher Librarian

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