Music is linking to the classroom program for the Early Years 1 and 2 with the following as the central idea: ‘People create art to express how they think and feel.’

IGBIS Elementary School Music IGBIS Elementary School Music

IGBIS Elementary School Music

We read a book called “My many colored days” by Dr Seuss, and learned that different colors evoke different feelings in each person and may change depending on the context (a calm blue ocean, a happy blue bird chirping). With an assortment of music to correspond to each color we expressed these feelings while dancing and moving with colored scarves.

We’ve looked at one of Eric Carle’s amazing picture books. “I See A Song” is a beautiful book which transports the reader on a magical musical journey. As a violinist introduces himself at the beginning of the book he explains; “I see a song. I paint music. I hear colour”. We then drew on a big piece of paper while listening to music. Every time the music stopped we had to move over to another spot on the paper and started drawing again as soon the music continued again.

IGBIS Elementary School Music IGBIS Elementary School Music

We also looked at Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles.  We heard a different type of music for each circle that the students were drawing. When I was looking back at the end result I was wondering why the student had mainly used bright and vibrant colors. And yes, looking back to my playlist of different classical music pieces I found that we didn’t get around to darker, sad, lonely, angry pieces.

Grade 3 are performing as a class ensemble this last quarter. They’ve learned the three different patterns of the music piece ‘Balafon’ for Orff ensemble. We are working very hard to play the patterns while following the same beat. Another challenge we are looking at is playing our own pattern while listening to the others playing a different pattern.

IGBIS Elementary School Music IGBIS Elementary School MusicIGBIS Elementary School Music

Grade 5 are working on their song composition. Some students chose Garageband and others are trying to compose their with their own instrument.

IGBIS Elementary School Music IGBIS Elementary School Music

Hadewych Dujardin,
Elementary Music Teacher

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