It was with great excitement and anticipation that our Grade 5 students presented their IBPYP Exhibition on Friday. As the culminating PYP experience, the IBPYP Exhibition reflects the major features of the programme. During our student’s Exhibition journey they had an opportunity to:

  • exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile
  • demonstrate an understanding of key concepts questions
  • use skills from the Approaches  to Learning
  • explore knowledge that is significant and relevant.

The central idea of their Exhibition was: Artists seek to evoke an emotional response from their audience.

The opening of our Grade 5 IBPYP Exhibition in the Theatre was polished and informative. The students PE presentation of synchronized swimming on stage definitely evoked an emotional response from the audience. Everyone had a smile on their face, connecting what they were seeing on stage to their own memory of choreographed swimming displays.

Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition

The display of their graffiti art generated lively discussions and from there students led their parents and guests to the Grade 5 Learning Lounge to view the final element to the Exhibition, their own inquiry and Exhibition journey.

Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition

The consensus from all who participated in this wonderful event on Friday was a sense of pride. Students were so proud of their work, their skills in presentation and their abilitiy to communicate their understanding and knowledge with confidence. Teachers and parents reflected on their short journey from the time they joined IGBIS and their smiles and comments showed their immense sense of prode and perhaps relief!

Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition

Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students for their commitment to learning; whilst at times it seemed difficult, they persevered and learnt valuable life lessons. I would like to thank their teacher Ms Yolaine Johanson for her endless support and guidance that she provided to all students. Thank you also to our PYP Coordinator Mr Simon Millward, Art teacher Ms Nan Parker, Music teacher Ms Hadewych DuJardin, PE teacher Ms Jasmine Brawn, Teaching Assistant Ms Sarah, Librarian Ms Amanda Clark and all mentors and teachers who helped throughout this process. The combined effort truly brought together the IGBIS community together to support our students.

Until next time.

Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition Grade 5 IB PYP Exhibition

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