Friday, 8th May saw our first Grade 5 PYP cohort share their IB PYP exhibition with their parents and the wider school community.

IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

The Transdisciplinary theme How We Express Ourselves and the central concept of ‘messages’ enabled the students to consider how they were going to present their ‘issue’ in an artistic way. The central idea of ‘Artists seek to evoke and emotional response from their audience’ guided them. Some students opted to write songs, others used photography whilst others were more inspired by visual artists and they produced an artistic piece in the artists style like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a Keith Haring style, Banksy,  local artist Haris Rashid or DAIM.

IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

The exhibition is such a powerful experience for students. It is an independent project that is supported by teacher mentors. Students have to not only carry out research about an issue that they are interested in learning about, but they have to organise their time to communicate their new understandings to a wider audience. The approaches to learning skills communication, research, thinking, social and self management underpinned how they set about their project.

The contribution of single subject teachers helped students make connections between the various subject disciplines throughout the 6 weeks. This culminated in students performing a land based synchronisation dance routine (PE), a graffiti art mural (visual arts) and a song (music).

IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

As I walked around the exhibition there were a number of things that struck me and made me immensely proud of our students.

I listened to at least two students who presented their work in their mother tongue not only to their parents but other parents who spoke Mandarin Chinese. They then switched freely to English as a different audience was present.

IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

I loved the fact that our Grade 5 students were considering the age of their audience they were presenting to. They spoke confidently and knowledgeably about their project and the process they went through differently to Early years students and Grade 9 students. Whilst this seems obvious, to be able to simplify their presentation ‘off the cuff’ was impressive.

The visual displays were thoughtful, considering colour pallette, visual impact, the message and the aesthetics of their display (how to mount and display work so it looks professional).

IGBIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

Congratulations Grade 5 students we hope that you use the skills and techniques you have learned in the exhibition to other projects you embark on for the remainder of this year and the years to follow.

Simon Millward,
Primary Years Programme Coordinator

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