This week saw the beginning of unit 2 where PSPE is collaborating (planning and working together) with the Grade 1 classroom teacher to facilitate the ‘Who We Are’ unit.

Students were engaged in a provocation, (getting students to think), that required them to complete particular tasks that were presented in different ways. To begin with, during the warm up students were shown a picture and they had to play the familiar game with just a picture clue. A different warm up game they just had the game described to them. The final warm up game they had to read the instructions and then play the game.

Students were then asked to try to learn the steps to a dance. There were four stations to rotate around.

1) A video of Mr. Simon reading the instructions.

PSPE Collaborating with the Grade1

2) A flow chart of dance moves in pictures.

PSPE Collaborating with the Grade1

3) Written instructions to read.

PSPE Collaborating with the Grade1

4) A demonstration with Mr. Simon leading and showing the students the dance moves.

PSPE Collaborating with the Grade1

We still have a long way to go to find out what this all means and how it is related to ‘Who We Are’. At the moment we know that reading instructions and trying to dance is really hard, but watching, listening and doing the dance steps with Mr. Simon was the easiest way to learn the dance steps.

Mr. Simon Millward,
Primary Years Programme Coordinator

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