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IGBIS is offering a two-week Summer School programme, running from 16th July to 27th July 2018. Six courses are available to choose from. The fees for the Summer School programme are RM800 for 1 week, RM1,500 for 2 weeks. Please complete this form* to register your interest by 31st May 2018. Contact for further information.

*The form is an initial registration form. The formal application form, found in the sidebar to the left, must also be completed and returned to IGBIS, along with payment, prior to commencement of the Summer School programme.

Conversational Malay

Grade 9 to Grade 11

This course encourages students to develop lifelong language skills. The class will aim to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Since this is a Mother Tongue class, there will be an emphasis on grammatical aspects of the language. The class will use authentic materials such as videos, newspaper articles, blogs, etc.


Grade 3 to Grade 10

Get a hands-on experience building and programming robots. We will be using Lego robots (Wedo, EV3), as well a few other toys and bits & pieces to create robots that will do whatever you tell them to do. Build a soccer playing robot to score a goal or a robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube. Let your imagination and creativity run wild in this fun week-long robot experience.

IT Tools at IGBIS

Grade 5 to Grade 11

We use a lot of technology at IGBIS. Get ahead (or refresh your skills) on lots of the technology, apps and techniques we use at school. Explore how to get the most out of Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings and Slides. Explore not just how to make a movie, but how to make a good movie. We will also be looking at ways to become smarter with technology. You might even learn how to make your very own computer game.

Junior Sports Programme

Kindergarten to Grade 5

This course introduces students to football (soccer), touch rugby, tennis, badminton, and athletics. Students will learn the basics of each sport and play games and team building activities. The emphasis is on having fun, whilst developing confidence, independence and teamwork. A fun swim activity is also included in the programme, subject to assistant availability.

Art Camp

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Art Camp allows students to explore creatively whilst building on drawing, painting and craft techniques. Artwork is created from both imagination and inspiration from other artists. Working in a specialised art studio, students build a portfolio of individual artwork over a week and also work together to make a collaborative artwork. 

The course runs for two weeks, however each week has different  outcomes, therefore children may choose to do one week or two.

English Language Learning

Grade 6 to Grade 11

In English Language Learning students will engage with and use the English language in a way that is relevant and purposeful. The activities are designed around a series of thought-provoking and challenging English learning activities that stimulate conversation, collaboration and problem solving in groups using critical thinking. Activities include designing and building pinhole cameras and explaining how they work, critically examining and responding to modern English texts and movies, bridge building and testing and exploring how things fly.

Students will communicate and present their work in English using a variety of different methods. This programme is designed so students develop a high level of confidence in using English authentically at school to communicate and share their learning to a high standard.

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