Music at IGB International School is taught across the PYP, MYP and IBDP programs from Early Years to Grade 12. It is framed by the inquiry based learning practices of these programs and in line with the IB learner profile. Music at IGBIS is viewed as a powerful form of expression inherent in all cultures and is essential to the development of any child.

IGBIS Music Elementary ClassStudents are engaged in singing, movement and instrumental music making from a young age and this exploration of music in all its forms continues for all students throughout the PYP and MYP programs. In Grades 9 and 10 students may elect to do Music as an intensive study in preparation for electing to continue their music education in the IB Diploma Program.

Our Music programs are supported by highly experienced staff and outstanding facilities and resources. This includes large purpose-built classrooms and numerous practice rooms for small ensembles. Technology plays an important role in Music education and the school uses and continues to explore a number of music specific computer programs.

Aside from music in the classroom IGB offers ensemble music making in the After School Activities Program. It is hoped that as the school grows, these ensemble programs will also grow, providing more opportunities for our talented students.

IGBIS Music Ensemble Performance

Instrumental Music Academy

The IGBIS Instrumental Music Academy offers individual lessons with professional tutors. The aim of the Academy is to provide an opportunity for students to have individual or small group lessons with professional tutors and to foster the development of skills and a love of music making.

Performance opportunites are provided throughout the year at cultural assemblies, school functions, concerts, classroom performances and studio recitals.

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