The Performing Arts play an integral role at IGB International School as a part of both the school curriculum from Early Years to IB Diploma and the After School Activities Program. The Performing Arts are viewed as forms of expression that are inherent in all cultures, are a powerful means to assist in the development of the whole individual, are important for interpreting and understanding the world we live in and that students will help to shape in the future.

Performing Arts Class ActivityIn the PYP curriculum the teaching of the Performing Arts is linked to the Units of Inquiry. In the MYP curriculum students continue this inquiry and exploration with increasing rigour. In the later years of the MYP curriculum students elect either Music or Drama for an extensive study in preparation for choosing one of these subjects in the IBDP years. This continuum provides the opportunity for further study in the Performing Arts at universities around the world or for involvement in the Performing Arts in their adult years as a participant or observer.

The After School Activities Program provides opportunities for students to participate in dance, music ensembles, drama and theatre productions and circus skills. These enrichment activities are popular among the students and encourage them to hone their skills, work collaboratively and creatively, and to develop a life-long love of the Performing Arts.

The outstanding Performing Arts facilities at IGBIS encourage students to reach their potential and demonstrate their Performing Arts skills in cultural performances, drama and theatre productions and music performances throughout the year, from intimate studio recitals and to large scale performances and assemblies in the IGBIS Theatre.

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