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All students joining the IGBIS Secondary School are required to have a personal Apple laptop during their entire enrollment. It is an expectation that students will bring the laptop to school fully charged and have it available for all classes. The IGBIS Digital Technology Responsible Use Policy outlines the acceptable use of technology for all students and forms a binding agreement between students, their family, and the school in terms of continued enrollment.

IGBIS have established links with Mac Direction and Mac City and are able to offer devices and accessories for a reduced, IGBIS special price. The ordering details can be found at:

For families that may already have an Apple laptop or will be purchasing a new or used laptop independently, the following set of minimum specifications should be considered.

  • For new laptops, any model (MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) will be suitable however we recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM in all machines when possible.
  • For used laptops, the model purchased must be upgradable latest Mac OS X and be able to support Airplay natively. For the MacBook Air, these are models released after mid-2011 and for the MacBook Pro, these are models released after early-2011. A minimum of 8GB of RAM is recommended when possible.
  • The IGBIS ICT Department will assess the quality of the battery charge cycle for used laptops and will make recommendations if a battery needs to be changed.

Student laptops should be for individual use and not be a shared family computer or used between siblings. Before the start of the 2014-15 school year and at regular intervals, IGBIS will image all laptops (format and install required software) so backing up of personal files is recommended. IGBIS may also install administration rights on the laptop while the student is enrolled at the school and may exercise the right to monitor usage on campus. If more information is required, please contact the IGBIS ICT Helpdesk, at

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