Referral Incentive Guidelines:

  1. We appreciate the fact that many of our families have introduced their friends and colleagues to IGBIS. Research shows that increasing a customer base best comes from satisfied customers. Thus, to show our appreciation, the school is providing an incentive to IGBIS parents with students currently enrolled at the school, to refer new students to us.

  2. A new student is defined as a student that is enrolling for the first time at IGBIS from a family that has no other students currently enrolled at IGBIS.

  3. A referring family will be awarded RM2,000 per student or RM3,000 per family (*where there are two or more students in Kindergarten-Grade 12).

  4. The referral incentive will be paid only for NEW full time enrolled students at IGBIS in grades Kindergarten through Grade 12. There is no limit to the number of students/families you can refer. If a family has more than one NEW student to enrol, the referral incentive applies to all of their NEW students.

  5. The form must be completed and signed by BOTH families to show evidence of the new student being referred by an IGBIS family and MUST be presented BEFORE or AT THE TIME of the new student’s enrolment.

How the Programme Works:

  • Invite your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours to enrol their child/children at IGB International School.
  • Complete your portion of the Referral Incentives Application document and give it to the new family you are referring to IGBIS. Note that the NEW family must include this form with their registration materials and may only turn in one Referral Incentive Application. It is the responsibility of the REFERRING family to make sure the new family turns in the Referral Incentives Application with their registration materials. Failure to include the Referral Incentives Application with the registration materials will disqualify the referring family from receiving its incentive.

  • No retroactive referrals will be accepted.

  • Once the student(s) in the new family is accepted for admission and attends IGBIS, the approved referral incentive shall be deducted from your child’s tuition fees for the next semester, failing which the school may decide according to its sole discretion.

Who Is Eligible:

  • Programme is open to all tuition-paying IGBIS families whose tuition accounts are current.
  • Referred families may not have previously submitted registration forms to, or previously attended, IGBIS.
  • Referrals of younger siblings of current students are appreciated but are not eligible for the referral incentive.
  • Referred student(s) must be accepted for admission and attend IGBIS for at least ONE full semester.
  • This Referral Incentive Programme is subject to class openings and will be announced as “closed” in grades which become full as registration continues.
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