Uniform Code


  • The wearing of a tudung in IGBIS school colors is acceptable; colors should be solid.
  • Only the IGBIS hat/cap can be worn.
  • No hats/caps may be worn inside the school building.

Upper body

  • All students are required to wear the nominated IGBIS polo or white shirt. 
  • A singlet/t-shirt may be worn under the shirt, but must be hidden.
  • The white shirt must be buttoned up, with the exception of the top button.
  • The school tie is optional for Secondary School students; it should be worn correctly.
  • IGBIS team t-shirts can be worn on nominated days or at specified events.

Lower Body

  • Socks should be white.
  • Girls are required to wear the IGBIS shorts, trousers, skirt or culottes.
  • Boys are required to wear the IGBIS shorts or trousers.


  • Students in Early Years 1 & 2 can wear flat sandals without socks.
  • Students from KG-Gr 12 must wear black shoes or black trainers/sports shoes.


  • The amount of jewellery worn by a student should not be excessive nor be of great monetary or sentimental value.
  • Due to safety concerns, students may be requested to remove any jewellery prior to PE, Art, Design and Science lessons.

PE Uniform

  • Students must wear the IGBIS PE t-shirt and shorts.
  • In Secondary School the PE uniform must only be worn during PE lessons.
  • In Elementary School students may wear their PE uniform all day on their nominated PE days.
  • IGBIS swimwear must be worn in the school pools.


  • Students’ hair style should be neat, clean and in good taste.
  • Students in Secondary School with long hair may be required on occasions to have it tied back/up.
  • Students in Elementary School with long hair must have their hair tied back/up.
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