The Pre-DP programme offered by IGBIS is a wonderful enrichment programme that encourages students to develop and explore new topics and ideas, as IB learners, to prepare students for the rigour of the DP and CP. Students benefit from very experienced IB teachers, who assist students to reach the required starting level, no matter what their previous educational background has been.

This course will help students wishing to achieve better results and have better opportunities for gaining entry into some of the top universities around the world.

While the MYP is the best preparation for the DP, as it prepares students to meet the academic challenges of the DP, we understand that the MYP may not be available to all students. Being successful in the DP requires a certain level of preparation and commitment that students from outside an IB education may need some support with. This is where the Pre-DP course can help.

The programme runs for 21.5 weeks. Students doing the Pre-DP programme will share classes with other students completing their final months of the MYP (Physical Education & Health, the Arts, Maths, Design, Service Activities), as well as enjoying separate classes specifically geared to getting them ready for the DP (Language A, Language Acquisition, Individuals & Societies, separate Sciences, Theory of Knowledge).

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