Special Discounts

IGBIS is currently offering special discounts up to RM17,000 on tuition fees for the grades listed below and 50% discount on enrollment fees. Limited places at the discounted rates are available. This offer will ends on 18th January 2019 (terms and conditions apply).

Please contact IGBIS at +603 6145 4688 or email enquiries@igbis.edu.my for further information.

Discount on Tuition Fees

Early Years 22,5003,5006,00012,000
Grade 23,0004,0005,20012,200
Grade 33,0004,3005,40012,700
Grade 73,00060007,00016,000
Grade 8 3,6005,0008,00016,600
Grade 94,5005,5008,00017,000
Grade 103,0006,000n/a9,000

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