Food Services


IGBIS is served by two cafeterias, the Elementary Cafeteria and the Secondary Cafeteria, catering for the different ages and development of the students. Fireflies, Early Years 1 and Early Years 2 students are served their lunches in their own classrooms.

Students are able to choose from Asian, Western and vegetarian options, as well as sandwiches and gourmet bread options. Breakfast and snacks are also available. Meals are planned in advance to ensure a variety of options. Payment is made electronically so that no cash needs to be carried by the students.

The IGBIS Cafe, located near the Theatre, provides a selection of hot and cold beverages as well as pastries, fresh sandwiches and other hot and cold dishes. Visitors may purchase meals from the cafe using either cash or the Cashless System.

Menu: March 2020

Link to March 2020 Menu

Cashless System

The IGBIS Cashless System turns a standard ID card or ID wristband into a cash card. Users can add credit to the card and then make transactions at the canteen and printers. Adding credit can be done at the Finance Payment Counter near the cafe, at the top-up kiosk in the Secondary Cafeteria, or online at