IGBIS Newsletter, Issue 273.

Maheen, MJ, Jenny

Students from Grade 6-10 participated in a Virtual House Competition during AMP on Thursday, September 23rd run by the MYP Homeroom Teachers and GLCs. They had to compete in physical, creative, and online challenges. The students showed wonderful house spirit and collaboration as they did jumping jacks, drew pictures, collected house colour items, and played Pictionary. Congratulations to Ignis, the winner of the competition, with the other houses very close behind. Here are some pictures from the event!

Ruth Spracklan

Every month there will be a House challenge for the whole community to take part in. This September we bring you MOVIE MADNESS! 3 different quizzes aimed to test your movie knowledge.

Movie catchphrase is for Grades 4-12, staff and parents

Name the Disney character is for Grades KG to 3

Name the year is for the whole school, staff and parents

Be warned, there are timers on 2 of the quizzes, so no time to spare to go googling the answers! (We are all principled right?!)

Have a go and see what you can do! (1 entry per person, multiples will not be counted).

Check out these sites!

Issue #4

Jake, Téa and Suhaan


Toddle Teachers here! This issue is about the “Announcements” feature in Toddle

These are the different views of announcements.

Student view.
Teachers view.
iPad view.
Computer view.

These are the different views of announcements.

Now for some handy tips and tricks:

  1. The announcements help to send reminders and to let people know what you want to let them know about. Like school tasks and maybe to let people know why you are late?
  2. You can find important announcements, like house captain votes and also events that will happen.