IGBIS Newsletter, Issue 278

By Jason McBride, Head of School

Hello IGBIS Community,

When you get married, you often hear advice to keep the communication going and continue to “date one another” afterwards in order to keep the relationship fresh and the romance alive. I think the same can be said for family-school relationships as I consider the newsletter, our Facebook and Instagram pages, Toddle, presentations and other communication channels or conversations to be our attempt to keep “dating” you as an existing family. In a similar vein, as we are always updating the information we share with prospective parents, it would be a shame not to share that information with you in hopes that it (a) keeps you up to date with what we believe and aspire to be great at and (b) enables you as a member of our community to share what makes IGBIS special with your friends and family. The impact of COVID on our school, your family, the economy and Malaysia as a whole means that we need to focus on school growth to get back to where we were enrolment-wise a little more than a year ago. We are in good shape, but more students mean more programs, more friends for your children and more opportunities for our students. Everything I have seen thus far over my first few months reaffirms that we absolutely have the ingredients to grow and excel, but it’s going to take a community-wide effort to share our messaging with your connections within KL, throughout Malaysia and across the region to grow as fast as we can. With that in mind, please click HERE to see the presentation we recently shared at the Open Day with prospective families last weekend and consider sharing it with a friend or two if you feel that they would be a good fit for us, and us for them. Do take a look at it yourself though as well in hopes that it keeps communication—and the relationship—alive between us!

With thanks, and to those who are celebrating, Happy Deepavali / Selamat Hari Deepavali!


By Kerri Chan

Some photos from the House Dress Up Day.

Dear Parents/Staff,

Please find the meal selection for your child(ren) next week at the link below.

Be sure to adhere to the following:

  1. All weekly orders should be placed by Tuesday, 9th November, 2021.
  2. Top up e-purse can be made via the parents portal LINK or kiosk.
  3. Please ensure your child’s card has a minimum balance of RM100 in order for the weekly meal plan charges to be deducted.
  4. Meal plans are as follows:
  • ES Student – Lunch Set Meal : RM 11.00
  • SS Student – Lunch Set Meal : RM 12.00

Please click on this LINK to preorder your menu.

No cancellation is allowed once the weekly meal plan has been placed except if it’s due to absenteeism.

Kindly email directly to igbis@cezarskitchen.com and afiq@cezarskitchen.com for the above-mentioned order cancellation or if you need further assistance.

Cezar’s will only provide food services if we hit a minimum threshold of orders.