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Who are the ‘Friends of the Phoenix’? Anyone who has ever been a part of the IGBIS community is a ‘Friend of the Phoenix’. That includes all of our former students, their parents, and former staff members, in addition to our school’s alumni.

Why should I register and what can the directory be used for? There are countless reasons why one would reach out to a fellow ‘Friend of the Phoenix’ – to enquire about an university, about life in a specific country, for an employment connection… the possibilities are endless.

How can I view the directory? Visit our school’s website and fill out your profile. You will be able to select which information you would like others to view. Once your own profile is completed, you will be able to log in and view information that others have submitted as well. There is no cost to join.

I’ve joined. What next? Encourage others to complete their profiles. The success of this directory will be largely based on everyone’s input. As life takes you to new locations, be sure to check this page to see if there are any ‘Friends of the Phoenix’ in the area. As a registered ‘Friend of the Phoenix’, you can also request transcripts, schedule a school visit, order a yearbook, and much more.

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Origin Story

My name is Yin Xzi Ho. I am a founding student who graduated in 2017, and I want to tell all of you a story worth telling. Like most stories worth telling — it’s an Read more…

FOTP Events

Phoenix Makan

Due to the CMCO caused by COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be postponed until further notice. IGB International School is delighted to invite the ‘Friends of the Phoenix’ to a new annual social event, the Read more…

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