As an innovative international school, IGBIS bases its use of educational technology on a solid framework of research and professional development. We believe that information technology benefits all learners when used appropriately and as part of an inclusive IB education.

While education is currently undergoing a period of rapid transformation, we believe that by providing the best use of technology in learning and teaching we are giving our students the tools they need to find success in the future.

Many of the staff at IGBIS have been recognised for their excellence in the use of educational technology including Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Innovators and other staff members who regularly present at educational conferences throughout the region. IGBIS also employs a technology integration specialist to support faculty in the delivery of engaging and relevant classes.

IGBIS teachers are very deliberate in their use of technology and understand the need to support and train students in appropriate ways to use digital technology. We have a focus on cyber safety and provide lessons and support to empower students to be the best people they can be when online.

Student Access to Technology

Elementary School

Students in Early Years to Grade 1 use school-provided iPads within the classroom; students in Grade 2 to Grade 5 use a combination of school-provided iPads and MacBook Air computers. All students have access to a variety of online resources and collaboration tools across all subject areas.

Secondary School

In the Secondary school, IGBIS uses a family-ownership model where parents buy an Apple laptop for their children to use at school. These laptops must meet certain requirements. Secondary students also have access to school-owned iPads and a variety of tools, subscriptions and applications to enhance their learning.

BYOD (Bring your own device) Laptop specifications

If your family is purchasing a brand new laptop, any model (either MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) with base specification is suitable. Upgrading RAM is advisable for students who may be using it for more complex Art projects or creative applications.

If your family is purchasing a used laptop, please find below the specifications:

  • Any model purchased must be upgradable to OSX 10.14 (Mojave)

Vendors used by IGBIS for new purchases