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Privacy Policy

About This Privacy Policy And PDPA 2010

IGB International School (“the School”) is committed to complying with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010 in protecting our students’ and parents’ personal information that has been processed by the School. This Privacy Policy informs you about the School’s policies and practices on data privacy matters before you provide your personal data to the School. The word “You” or any derivation thereof, as used herein refers to the owner of the personal data, which includes both the student and the parent/legal guardian of the child.

Source Of Your Personal Data

Most, if not all, of your personal data, was provided by you directly, either from the following sources or from other information you provided:

  • Enquiry Form;

  • Various types of Application or Registration Forms;

  • Other School and/or support services related to Request Forms; and

  • Previous qualification–related documents and/or certificates.

In some instances, your personal data may have been obtained from external sources including, but not restricted to the following:

  • Third parties such as previous educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and other government entities;
  • Third-party service providers and any other future third parties in relation or incidental to the above;
  • Personal data which is available in the public domain; and
  • Personal data may be collected from cookies through the use of the School’s website.
What Personal Data Do We Process?

The School needs to collect and process your child’s and your personal data for various academic, educational and administrative purposes. Generally, the personal data that we collect and process includes but is not restricted to:

  • Name
  • Identification number (NRIC)
  • Passport number
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Personal email address
  • Photo and images
  • Nationality
  • Student’s gender
  • Date of birth
  • Previous qualifications
  • Parents’/guardians’ marital status
  • Emergency contact person(s) details
  • Billing-related information
  • Employment/occupation

If the personal data is necessary to initiate any matter with the School, and you refuse to provide the personal data to the School, then the School will not be able to proceed further with your matter.

Sensitive Personal Data

Some of the personal data that we collect and process may include what is defined as ‘sensitive personal data’ under the Act and these include, but are not restricted to:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Records of misconduct and disciplinary action
  • Records of criminal offence
  • Family court orders

This sensitive information shall be treated carefully by the School and will only be used for specific purposes. It will not be released to a third party without your explicit consent unless it is necessary to protect your vital interests.

How Do We Use Our Personal Data?

The purpose for which personal data is collected and further processed includes, but is not restricted to the following:

  • To process an application for admission;
  • To manage and respond to enquiries;
  • To maintain students’ personal details, academic and non-academic records;
  • To facilitate internships, placement or work experience as well as co-curricular related activities and school events;
  • To maintain a student/class register;
  • To provide the relevant administrative support, counselling and guidance services;
  • To manage the use of facilities such as the library, laboratories, etc.;
  • To administer graduation and alumni-related events;
  • To administer tuition fees and other payments;
  • To communicate with students about important announcements;
  • To collect information for relevant local or international statutory authorities or exam boards;
  • To contact the student’s next of kin in the case of emergency;
  • To comply with any regulatory, audit or security-related requirements;
  • To pursue/collect any sums in arrears from parents/guardians;
  • To care for the medical needs of students;
  • For all and any other ancillary purposes relating to our provision of service, e.g., the supply of computers, iPads, other forms of telecommunications and technology services; and
  • Any other purposes related to the smooth operation of the School.
Provision Of Information

The provision of all information requested in the relevant forms of the School is mandatory unless specified otherwise, in enabling us to process your application/request and offer our services to you.

Should you fail to provide the said information, the School may be unable to process your request and/or provide you with the relevant services.

Disclosure Of Your Personal Data

IGB International School will keep your personal data confidential unless you have given written consent to such disclosure or it is within the ambit of permitted disclosures under prevailing laws/guidelines. The School may disclose your information to the categories of third parties as listed below (not restricted to):

  • The Ministry of Education, other relevant government departments/agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators;
  • Malaysian Immigration Department and its appointed agencies;
  • Foreign embassies and their appointed agencies;
  • The student’s sponsors including his/her parents/guardians;
  • Third parties that provide internships or attachment placements;
  • Professional or accreditation bodies;
  • Examination boards; and
  • Third parties appointed by IGB International School to provide services to the School, such as auditors, lawyers, contractors, printing companies, travel agencies, training organisers and insurance companies.
Right To Access And Data Subject’s Obligation

You have the right to access and correct your personal information held by the School under the Act. We will attempt to keep your records complete, accurate and up-to-date. If you have any reason to believe that your records with us are inaccurate, incomplete or not updated, please notify the School in a timely manner. If you wish to request access to, or to correct data held by the School or withdraw your consent to the data processing/use of your personal data by us, please forward your request to the Admissions department at :

IGB International School reserves the right to charge you an administrative fee for processing any data access request.

Although we only process your personal data for the purposes stated above, in the event that your personal data is being processed for other purposes (with your consent), you have the right to request us to stop such processing. You may exercise this right by contacting the School through the aforementioned contact person. However, if you choose to not provide and/or fail to supply us with such personal data (and/or decide to not give us consent to process your personal data, including explicit consent for sensitive personal data), we will not be able to perform the contract of enrolment or process your application for enrolment with us. Accordingly, if you decide not to provide the mandatory information to us, it may necessarily mean that the Contract of Enrolment may have to be terminated or that an offer of a place of enrolment will not be made.

Any request to exercise your rights shall be administered as per the Act. Please be informed that pursuant to the Act, your request may be rejected in certain circumstances.

Amendments To This Privacy Policy

This Policy may be reviewed and amended from time to time. We will communicate such changes along with the updated Policy on the School website (, and/or other appropriate communication means as may be determined by IGB International School. Parents and students are advised to visit the School website on a regular basis to check for any updates or changes to this Notice.