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Visa Application Process

(For New International Students Only)

At IGBIS, we welcome students from around the world, believing that diversity provides an incredible platform on which to develop as an internationally-minded human being. International students are required to submit a copy of their passport’s photo and information pages when they submit an application for the school. Please note that all passports submitted should have a validity of at least two years or more.

International students studying at IGB International School will need a Dependant or an International Student Pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The following information will guide interested international families through the necessary steps to obtain the approvals needed to enrol their child in the school.


Student Visa Application Procedures:

  • The school has an appointed Agent to assist with Student and Guardian Visa applications and renewals. If the service is needed, the Visa and Passport processing service charges will be charged by the appointed agent accordingly.
  • Since January 2019, the Malaysian Immigration Department has included the following clauses in applications and renewals for new student passes:
    • All new student pass applications are to be accompanied by a personal bond guarantee; and
    • All new student pass and renewal applications are subject to the applicants being covered by an existing or new health insurance.
  • The Student and/or Guardian Visa application service fees are not included in the IGBIS fees, therefore it must be paid separately and directly to the designated agent.
  • The International Student and/or Guardian Visa service fees are non-refundable.The fees are charged once for each successful application. If a second application is required/requested by the family, the fees will be charged again at the same rate.
  • If the applicant is currently enrolled at another international school in Malaysia, a copy of the passport page containing the applicant's current student visa is required. Additionally, a graduation letter or leaving certificate from the previous school is required.
  • Before submitting a new application, applicants must cancel their existing student visa/pass with their previous school. Student visas and passes from previous international schools in Malaysia CANNOT be transferred to a new institution.
  • Health insurance with Malaysian coverage, either current or new, is required for all student pass applications and renewals.
  • The student's passport must remain valid throughout his or her stay and for travel purposes. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the student has a valid passport and the appropriate visa.
  • IGBIS does not accept student passports that contain expired Social Visas, Special Passes, Dependent Passes, MM2H Visas, or Student Passes from previous schools.
  • IGBIS is not responsible for parents or students who overstay their visas in Malaysia, this is the family’s responsibility to monitor.
  • Students with expired visas will be advised to contact the Immigration Department on their own to resolve their overstay.
  • Parents are responsible for paying any fines that are imposed by the government.


Students who will have or already have a Dependent Pass

Children with Dependent Passes in their passports do not require an International Student Pass. These are typically the dependent children of expatriate parents working in Malaysia.


Students who will have or already have a MM2H Programme Pass

Children who are on their parents MM2H Programme Passes do not require an International Student Pass. These are typically the dependent children of international families under the Malaysia My 2nd Home Programme.


Students who will have or already have a Malaysia PR Status under the Malaysia Returning Expat Programme

Children who have PR Status stamps in their passports do not require an International Student Pass. These are typically the dependent children of Malaysian born parents who are back in Malaysia under the Malaysia Returning Expat Programme.


The clauses above are as per the latest rulings from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Details on this along with possible associated costs involved can be obtained through our Admissions Department.

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