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Our Pillars are what makes us unique

Although we are proud to be an IB authorised, and CIS and NEASC accredited, it is our unique combination of Five Pillars that makes IGBIS one of the top international schools in Kuala Lumpur. These Pillars are alive throughout the entire programme and can be seen through the ethos of the school, our admissions policy, the curriculum, the timetable, after school activity programme and more. Our Pillars include:


Imagination plays a role in all learning and allowing students to explore their passions helps to spark their creativity, stay focused, increase engagement and to learn better. Everyone has an area of interest or passion—even if they’re not quite sure what it is yet—and time set aside for Innovation helps students discover those passions as they learn to turn their imagination into a creative reality.

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We believe that the well-being of our students is heavily dependent on the care that is given to them. Our educators play an important role in making sure that the needs of our students are catered for to ensure the holistic development for each and everyone of them academically, socially-emotionally and beyond. While academic achievement is important to us and our students perform well, we believe that you have to take care of the entire human being to create healthy, capable, balanced graduates.

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Inclusion at IGBIS means that we support the cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development of a diverse range of students by involving all members of the community including teachers, families and the wider community. While we adhere to the IB guidelines for Learning and Diversity and to their principles of good practice, Inclusion at IGBIS means that all students have a sense of belonging, challenge and experience a sense of development and progress irrespective of their needs.

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We encourage our students to take charge and be responsible for their decisions. From our youngest grades, students are given a sense of ownership over their own actions, to build independence of thought, and to consider how their word and action affects themselves, others and the planet. Service and action are integral parts of who we are as an IB school and throughout their IGBIS career, students have multiple opportunities each year to lead, follow and stand up for what is important to them.

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International-mindedness includes three main dimensions including intercultural understanding, global engagement and multilingualism. Our school’s diversity and the breadth of the programme are wonderful platforms upon which to develop these dimensions as all members of the community strive to develop the traits outlined in the IB Learner Profile; the IB’s definition of what it means to be truly internationally-minded. At IGBIS, with people from all over the world, our students learn to be accepting from a very young age.

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