Faculty & Staff

The child is at the centre of every parent’s world, and likewise every IB programme. IGBIS firmly believes the single most important factor that determines the quality of education for all children is the teacher.

IGBIS teachers are highly qualified, internationally experienced, and enthusiastic IB practitioners, who show commitment to the children in their care. In this context, IGBIS teachers have successful experience with IB PYP, IB MYP, IB CP and/or IB Diploma Programme, and embody the spirit of both the IB and of the inclusiveness that underlies the school’s Vision and Mission. As role models of the IB Learner Profile, the teachers exhibit the skills required to work in collaborative planning teams and the flexibility to undertake more than one subject area.

Senior Management Team

Anne Fowles

Head of School
Qualification: M.B.A. (Educational Management), Adv. Dip. Tchg., Diploma of Education
Nationality: New Zealander

Mrs. Fowles has over 20 years of diverse experience leading schools in New Zealand, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Fiji and Malaysia. She is experienced as a team chair for the Council of International Schools (CIS), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation agencies, as well as being an IB team leader for school verification and evaluation, and an IB workshop leader, consultant, field representative and presenter at various conferences. 

Mrs. Fowles is a member of the Council of International Schools Board of Trustees and President of the Association of Malaysian IB Schools. Previously she has been Chair of the IB Heads Council, a member of the IB Board of Governors, a member of the IB Asia Pacific Regional Council, Chair of the Association of Chinese and Mongolian IB Schools (ACMIBS) and President of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS). 

IGB International School offers a premier International Baccalaureate experience to its students, provided by very experienced teachers in an exceptional school facility. Mrs. Fowles is proud to be its Head of School.

Simon Millward

Elementary School Principal
Qualification: M.B.A. (Educational Management), B.A. (Hons.) Physical Education & Recreation, QTS (Primary Education)
Nationality: British

Mr Millward has been teaching abroad for over 20 years and has previously worked in schools in Kuwait, Germany, Thailand and Turkey. He has extensive training and experience teaching both the PYP and MYP IB programmes. He is a workshop leader in both the PYP and the MYP, and he is a PYP school visitor team leader and team member. He loves to coach football of all ages and has been known to MC and sing at school events.

Michael Arcidiacono

Secondary School Principal
Qualification: Doctorate Of Educational Leadership, K-12 Administrative License, M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.A. (Mathematics)
Nationality: American

Dr Arcidiacono originally trained as a teacher of mathematics and has taught all levels of MYP, IGCSE and DP mathematics over the course of his educational career. He moved into school administration while working internationally inBrazil and subsequently completed his master’s degree and administrative licensure in the United States. He then worked in Suzhou, China as MiddleSchool Principal of an MYP school. While in China, Dr Arcidiacono developed his passion for the MYP, led the 1-1 laptop integration initiative and initiated student-Led Conferences, amongst other contributions.

Before joining IGBIS in 2016, Dr Arcidiacono was the Head of Secondary of anMYP/IGCSE/DP international school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There he managed the growth of a young school that doubled in population over a short period of time. Last year, he completed his doctorate in educational leadership.

Elementary School

Aga Chojnacka

PYP Coordinator
Qualification: M.A. Applied Linguistics (specialising in Teaching & Translation), B.A. (TEFL)
Nationality: Polish

Alexandru Milescu

PYP Music Teacher 
Qualification: B.A. in Music (Music Pedagogy); M.A. (Musicology), QTS
Nationality: Romanian

Caitlan Hurrell

PYP Teacher
Qualification: Dip. Teaching & Learning; B.Ed. endorsed with P.E.
Nationality: New Zealander

Elli Lawson

Elementary Visual Art Teacher
Qualification: B.A. Ed. (Hons) (Design Technology), QTS
Nationality: British

Ella Leong

PYP Teacher – KG
Qualification: MA Education, PGCEi, MACTE (Early Childhood Diploma), BA (Geography)
Nationality: Hong Kong

Ivy Tean-Cant

PYP Chinese Language Teacher
Qualification: Cert. TEFL, London Teacher Training College
Nationality: Malaysian

Jeanette Rowe

EY – KG Coordinator
Qualification: BA.Hons (Health Studies) AMI Primary Diploma
Nationality: British

Kari Twedt

PYP Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed. (Teaching), B.A. (Elementary Education)
Nationality: American

Kenneth Rowe

PYP Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed (Curriculum and Instruction); B.A. (Sociology) Nationality: American

Lisa McClurg

PYP Teacher and ES Language Coordinator
Qualification: B.Ed.
Nationality: New Zealander

Lizzie Hudson

PYP Learning Support Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (Inclusive and Special Education)
Nationality: American, British

Marshall Hudson

PYP Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (Elementary Education)
Nationality: American

Megan Ngatai

PYP Teacher
Qualification: Dip. Tchg. and Learn. (Primary), B.A. (Psychology)
Nationality: New Zealander

Nadia Ghazali

Fireflies Teacher
Qualification: BA (Education)
Nationality: Malaysian

Nancy Fu

PYP Chinese Language Teacher
Qualification: M.S., B.Ed. (Primary), B.A. (English Literature and Language)
Nationality: Chinese

Natasha Panthakee

PYP Teacher
Qualification: B.Ed. (Elementary); B.A. (Sociology and Philosophy)
Nationality: Canadian

Olha Rohachova

PYP Teacher
Qualification: PhD (Ed.)
Nationality: Ukrainian

Rachel Bandelin

PYP Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (Elementary Education)
Nationality: American

Rhona Taylor

PYP Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (Hons) European Studies (with French), PGCE (Primary), British Cycling Coach (L.2)
Nationality: British

Sally Watters

PYP Teacher
Qualification: Dip.Ed., Bachelor of Arts / Languages
Nationality: Australian

Scott Ngatai

PYP Physical Education Teacher
Qualification: B. Phys.Ed., Dip. Tchg.
Nationality: New Zealander

Shireen Blakeway

PYP Teacher and ES Mathematics Coordinator
Qualification: M.Sc. (Education Management), COGE, B.A.(Hons.) Geography, PGCE (Primary)
Nationality: British, Australian

Steven Harvey

PYP Teacher
Qualification: Dip.Tchg., Grad.Dip.Ed. (Computers in Education)
Nationality: Australian

Wayne Demnar

ESOL Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed., Dip School Counselling, Dip Teach.,B.Ed.
Nationality: Australian

Wei Jun Thong

PYP Physical Education Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (Edu. in Teaching & Learning)
Nationality: Malaysian

Secondary School

Darryl Harding

MYP Coordinator
Qualification: B.Sc, MA, M.Ed, Graduate Certificate in Ed. Leadership, 7-12 Mathematics Certified
Nationality: Canadian

Magnus Drechsler

DP/CP Coordinator
Qualification: M.A. (International Educational Leadership and Change), Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Education, B.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry
Nationality: German

Abdul Rashid Mohd Amin

MYP Host Nation, Malay Language and DP Malay Teacher
Qualification: Diploma in Mathematics Education, Certificate of Teaching (Bahasa Malaysia)
Nationality: Malaysian

Adam Gagan

MYP Individuals and Societies and DP History, Subject Leader (Individuals & Societies)
Qualification: MA and BA Hons in Military History, PGCE History
Nationality: British

Bill Mitchell

Secondary School Counsellor
Qualification: B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.
Nationality: Canadian

Darren Aherne

MYP Science and DP Biology Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed. (Secondary Education), B.Sc. (Aquatic Biology)
Nationality: American

Dean Watters

MYP and DP Mathematics Teacher, Subject Leader (Mathematics)
Qualification: B.E., Dip. Ed.
Nationality: Australian

Flavia Godja

MYP Language Acquisition & ESOL Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (International Relations and European Studies); CELTA certificate, TKT Modules 1-3, YL, CLIL
Nationality: Romanian

Gizem Inanç

MYP Design, MYP English LA & DP English B
Qualification: B.A. (Foreign Language Education, English Language Teaching) M.A. (Media and Communication Studies), CELTA certificate Nationality: Turkish

Hadewych Dujardin

MYP Music / DP Music, Instrumental Programme Coordinator
Qualification: B.A. Music (Music-Flute, Composition)
Nationality: Belgian

Heather Blake

MYP and DP Art Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed, International Education; GDip, Education; BFA, Art Education; BA, Psychology & Art History
Nationality: Canadian

Ian Ellston

MYP and DP Design Teacher , Subject Leader (Design)
Qualification: BEd(Hons)
Nationality: British

Jamie Cant

MYP Performing Arts and DP Theatre Teacher
Qualification: BA (English) Dip Ed (Drama, English, Humanities)
Nationality: Australian

Jane Cheu

MYP and DP Chinese B and Ab Initio Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (Chinese Language and Literature), B.A. (Mass Communication)
Nationality: Singaporean

Jason Spivey

DP Economics, Business & Management and MYP Individuals & Societies Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (International Education), B.A. (Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Science)
Nationality: American

John Moore

MYP Science, DP Physics, ToK, Subject Leader (Science)
Qualification: MA (International Education); PGCE (Secondary); BSc (Physics)
Nationality: British

Karan Sondhi

MYP English Language and Literature
Qualification: M.A.; B.A. (Honours); B.Ed
Nationality: Canadian

Laura Hernandez

MYP and DP Spanish Teacher
Qualification: BA (ELL), PGCE (Spanish)
Nationality: Spanish

Leanne Harvey

Learning Support/ESOL
Qualification: Dip. Tchg. (Primary); Post Grad. Cert. (Reading Recovery)
Nationality: Australian

Maheen Habib-Nayany

MYP/DP Mathematics
Qualification: M.Ed (Specialization in Comparative International Education); B.Sc. (Honours Environmental Biology); B.Ed. (Intermediate and Secondary Math and Biology)
Nationality: Canadian

Marc Green

MYP/DP Individuals & Societies
Qualification: BSc (Psych)
Nationality: British

Marc Koster

MYP and DP English Language and Literature Teacher, ToK, Subject Leader (English)
Qualification: B. Ed., Dip. Tchg (Secondary)
Nationality: Australian

Marcus Wetherell

MYP Design, Grade Level Coordinator (Grade 9 & 10)
Qualification: B.Sc., QTS
Nationality: British

Matthew Marshall

MYP Individuals & Societies and DP Geography Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (History/Geography), B.Ed. (Secondary Social Studies), M.Ed. (International Education)
Nationality: Canadian

Mu Rong

MYP and DP Chinese Language & Literature Teacher
Qualification: M.B.A., B.A. (English), Teacher Certificate (Secondary Chinese)
Nationality: Chinese

Nathalie Chotard

Service & CAS Coordinator, French & English Language Acquisition Teacher
Qualification: BA (English for International Business); PGCE Secondary (Modern Foreign Languages)
Nationality: French

Peter Fowles

Grade 6 Coordinator, MYP Individuals & Societies Teacher
Qualification: M.Ed. (Holistic Education), Dip. Env. Ed., Cert. Tchg. (Secondary)
Nationality: New Zealander

Princess Barcega

MYP Science & DP Physics Teacher
Qualification: Bachelor in Secondary Education (Physics), MAT Physics
Nationality: Filipino

Rachel Jikeli

MYP and DP Mathematics Teacher
Qualification: B.Sc.(Hons)(Chem., Math.); B.Ed. (Intermediate and Secondary Divisions)
Nationality: Canadian

Ruth Spracklan

MYP PHE, Athletics Coordinator
Qualification: M.Sc. (Multidisciplinary Studies in Education); B.Sc. (Sport and Exercise Sciences) PGCE (Physical Education)
Nationality: British

Yuri Kim

Grade 11-12 Coordinator, MYP and DP Chinese B and DP Korean A Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (TESOL, Foreign Language Teaching); B.A. (English Literature and Language)
Nationality: Korean

Whole School

Adam Morris

ICT Coordinator & Computer Science Teacher
Qualification: B.A. (Philosophy); PGCE (Secondary)
Nationality: American

Adrianna Astle

Whole School Tech Coach
Qualification: B.A. (English), B.Ed. (Secondary), Dip. Teaching and Learning, QTS
Nationality: New Zealander

Juan Francisco Urbán

PYP, MYP & DP Spanish Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language); M.A. (Research of Language and Literature Teaching); B.A. (Linguistics)
Nationality: Spanish

Karen Skepper

Counsellor/Student Services
Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (PGDipAppPsych); Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc)
Nationality: Australian

Kerri Chan

Whole School Teacher Librarian
Qualification: BA (Liberal Studies), MS (Library Science and Information Technologies)
Nationality: American

Pei Yee Chai

PYP Chinese Language, Bahasa Malaysia Teacher, MYP Host Nation Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), B.A. (Chinese Language and Literature), B.A. (Business Administration)
Nationality: Malaysian

Rob Pendlebury

MYP PHE, PYP & MYP Arts Teacher
Qualification: MA, PGCE, B.A. (Hons)
Nationality: British

Sean Lovesey

PYP/MYP Physical Education Teacher, Subject Leader (PHE)
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Education
Nationality: British

Sue Ferguson

Head of Student Services
Qualification: B. Sc.; Grad Dip Adolescent Health and Welfare
Nationality: Australian

Ting Drechsler (Chen)

Chinese Language Teacher
Qualification: M.A. (International Education), PGCE, M.Sc., B.A. (Language)
Nationality: Chinese