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IGBIS is committed to inclusion through inclusive teaching and learning practices. The Learning Support team is an integral part of the school and provides services from Early Years through to the Secondary School, with the aim of promoting independence and supporting students to access the curriculum in the mainstreet classroom, through differentiation, accommodations and modifications, alongside their peers. Our team of professionals have qualifications, expertise and experience in a range of special educational needs including: learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, social communication difficulties as well as sensory challenges. We currently support students and teachers with a Tiered model of support. Tier One includes general education support for teachers to support all students. Tier 2 is defined as specific support for students with identified learning, developmental or social emotional needs. Tier 3 includes students who require support in more than one area, such as: academic and/or social communication and/or social emotional and/or self-regulation. Tier 3 students are additionally supported by Inclusion Aides.

Our Learning Support staff are involved in the admissions process and parents are required to provide updated relevant documentation and professional reports. This documentation is needed throughout the child’s tenure at IGBIS, with updated assessments required every 2-3 years. We follow the IB Access and Inclusion Policy in terms of how we structure support for students. While IGBIS is not a selective school, it should be noted that a placement depends on whether we are able to provide an excellent level of support and meet students’ needs within our current programmes and resources.

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