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Student Access to Technology

Elementary School

Students in Early Years to Grade 1 use school-provided iPads within the classroom; students in Grade 2 to Grade 5 use a combination of school-provided iPads and MacBook Air computers. All students have access to a variety of online resources and collaboration tools across all subject areas.


Secondary School

In Secondary school, IGBIS uses a family-ownership model where parents buy an Apple Macbook for their children to use at school. This is called BYOD (Bring your own Device). These Macbooks must meet certain requirements. Secondary students also have access to school-owned iPads and a variety of tools, subscriptions and applications to enhance their learning.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Macbook specifications:

Under our BYOD Program, if your family is purchasing a new or previously-owned Macbook, any model (either MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) with the following base specifications are suitable. However, higher specifications may be required if the students wish to use creative applications including Adobe Suite, etc. 


Device Type

Macbook Pro

Macbook Air 

Operating System (OSX)

OSX 11 or higher

OSX 11 or higher

Minimum Storage Capacity 

256 SSD (Higher for Creative Application) 

256 SSD(Higher for Creative Application)




Minimum Battery Life 

6 Hours 

6 Hours 

Device Example 

13” Macbook Pro 

13” Macbook Air 


The following vendors are used by IGBIS for new purchases since they are able to provide educational pricing at a discount: