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English Language Support

IGBIS is an English language private international school where all classes are taught in English (with the exception of the World Languages programme). ESOL is a paid programme designed to support students who cannot yet fully access the curriculum due to English being a second or additional language. We offer support for ESOL between Grades 1 and 8 at varying levels depending upon the grade level and needs of the student. 

We have percentage caps per grade/division to ensure that enough support can be given to those who are enrolled. Our trained ESOL teachers support students who are required to take this additional program in order to be enrolled at IGBIS. Placement in ESOL is determined through an interview as well as an assessment of English Language Proficiency. The assessment includes the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This placement happens during the admissions process or after enrollment if a teacher refers a student for ESOL screening. 

Classroom/subject teachers and ESOL specialists work together to support students in classes so that students can develop to a level of proficiency in English in order to be successful at IGBIS in all classes. ESOL support is currently not offered beyond Grade 8 as students in Grade 9 and 10 require a level of English-language proficiency that will allow them to successfully navigate their chosen path to graduation in English. Students applying to Grade 9 and above who are unsure about their English proficiency can be assessed to determine whether they meet the required level.

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