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The Counsellors at IGBIS, in collaboration with all members of the school community, advocate for and empower all students to maximise their personal, social-emotional and academic potential so that they can thrive and contribute in a positive way to the wider community and the world.

We believe that each student is unique, possessing intrinsic personal worth and dignity. Individual and group counselling are available to address a range of student concerns, including assistance with conflict resolution and cultivating positive relationships with peers. The IGBIS counsellors extend and coordinate support services, in alignment with the standards and practices of the International School Counsellor Association (ISCA), to students and families. The nature of the counsellors’ work includes:

  • transition to university guidance and support (see post-secondary counselling);
  • support and instruction in pastoral and wellness classes;
  • peer mediation;
  • social skills support;
  • advice and support for parents; and
  • activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may also include counselling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response.


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Learning Support

At IGBIS, our inclusive Learning Support team empowers students with diverse needs to access the curriculum, fostering independence and promoting their academic and social development through tailored support services.

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English Language Support

IGBIS provides English Language Support (ESOL) to students who cannot yet fully access the school’s curriculum due to English being a second or additional language, ensuring their academic success through targeted assistance and collaboration between ESOL teachers and classroom instructors.

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Service & Action

At IGBIS, we foster a culture of service and action, empowering students to make a positive impact in their communities and the world by addressing real needs, developing leadership skills, fostering empathy, and encouraging collaboration and global engagement.

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Extracurricular Activities

IGBIS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and diverse athletics programmes that complement our IB curriculum, providing students with opportunities for personal development, teamwork, and growth in arts, sports, and leadership, fostering a well-rounded and balanced learning experience.

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