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Inclusion at IGBIS means that we support the cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development of all students, teachers, families and the wider community. We embrace the IBO guidelines for equity and inclusive education and their principles of good practice; valuing prior knowledge, scaffolding, extending learning, affirming identity and building self-esteem.

One of the strengths of the IGBIS community is our inclusive learning environment. We recognise and value the diversity of our students, who join us from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds, and who have varying academic abilities, interests and needs. Educational research has consistently shown that classes containing students with different backgrounds and diverse learning needs benefit all students (Linchevski & Kutscher, 1998; Szumski et al. 2017; Valiandes, 2015).

Our teachers, administrators and learning support specialists work together to support all students to enrich learning in the classroom. Our model is flexible and based on the context of the student and the classroom. Inclusion is purposeful, planned, supported, and is in line with international best practices.

Difference and diversity are central components of IGBIS. During the admissions process, we strive to understand the needs of our students and families in order to ensure we can provide meaningful and equitable access to the curriculum within available school resources. Our commitment is that each student receives access to learning in order to meet their own potential. Every child who joins IGBIS is appreciated, welcomed and included.