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We believe that the well-being of our students is heavily dependent on the care that is given to — and the learning done with — them. Our educators play an important role in making sure that the needs of our students are catered for to ensure the holistic development for each and everyone of them academically, socially-emotionally and beyond. While academic achievement is important to us and our students perform well, we believe that you have to take care of the entire human being to create healthy, capable, balanced graduates.

While schools exist to help children and young people learn and grow, we believe that happens best when we take care of the entire person so that they are healthy, capable and balanced. Aligned with the Council of International School’s prioritisation of well-being, our commitment to ensuring that our students know how to take care of themselves, each other and the planet is woven into the curriculum and services offered by the school. In the curriculum, well-being is included from our Units of Inquiry in the PYP, to what is called AMP in the Secondary School. Aspects of well-being are integrated in subjects throughout the Early Years to Grade 12 programme where there is a natural fit, but learning also happens in standalone lessons for certain topics, some of which make use of our Student Services Team.

The Student Services team is responsible for supporting teachers and students with their learning, their health, and their social and emotional wellbeing. All three teams have trained and experienced staff who can help support our community’s social-emotional needs, learning differences and/or health-related aspects of growing up as they work alongside teachers to promote a safe, healthy, and meaningful learning environment where everyone can reach their own potential. Our team operates in three distinct but closely connected teams: Counselling, Learning Support and our Health Office.