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Innovation is a creative force behind many of humankind’s developments, breakthroughs and life-changing improvements. At IGBIS, we value and nurture the spirit of pushing boundaries and learning from mistakes for the betterment of learners and the wider world; that’s why, since 2017, we have been home of the first South-East Asian of  

Innovation is not only a value and a mindset, but a whole school commitment that is supported through curriculum design, the timetable, and learning environments such as Design Labs, maker corners and both co-curricular and after school activities. IGBIS holistically promotes and builds design thinking and maker empowerment in our learners from the ages of 2 to 18.

The IGBIS learning environment supports and ignites the spirit of innovation through establishing regular access to Design Labs, maker corners, junk-modelling areas, construction centres, art and craft workshop areas, art studios and many other learning environment adaptations that support creativity and imagination. Our PYP and MYP curricula include Design as a subject and an approach to learning, overlapping the inquiry cycle with a design cycle. 

Additionally, in the PYP, students not only have an opportunity to design practical solutions to their inquiries in our wide variety of innovative spaces, but they also take part in annual global Inventor’s and Cardboard Challenges.

Further, beyond Design Technology classes that are a part of the curriculum, all students in the MYP are allocated Innovation time as part of the timetable, time where they are encouraged to explore their passions. Students begin with an idea or a question which they research, explore, test and which ultimately adds value to the greater community. Teachers are on hand to offer advice and direction, to keep students on track and be supportive, but students are otherwise in control of their learning.