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Alexandru Milescu
Alexandru Milescu
PYP Music Teacher
B.A. in Music (Music Pedagogy); M.A. (Musicology), QTS
Before joining IGBIS in 2019, Mr Milescu was teaching the PYP at an international school in Portugal. What working with children aged 3 to 11 has taught him is that in-depth musical knowledge, endless patience, gentle humour, and a strong sense of empathy can bring down any barriers. Yes, leading a music class in the PYP can get quite noisy, but it is exactly this noise that brings Mr Milescu the greatest joy and satisfaction as it means that his students are engaged, enthusiastic and willing to take risks and experiment with their voices and other instruments. What he tries to keep in mind while teaching is that he is a student himself and a great deal can be learned from his students.
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