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Stacey Short
Stacey Short
Head of Student Services
M.A. (Ed.Psych), M.Ed (International Teaching), B.Ed (Phys.Ed)
Stacey Short is originally from Quebec, Canada. She has a B.Ed from McGill University (Canada), an M.Ed in International Teaching from Framingham State (USA) and an M.A in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria (Canada). She has had an extensive career in education as a teacher, coach, Head of Department/Coordinator and Professional Development leader. Stacey's educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that relationships are essential to learning. She has worked in public and private schools in Canada, as well as international schools in Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia. Stacey is fluent in English, French and Spanish (and conversational Thai). Stacey is the school's Head of Student Services.
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